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VayDesign creates an unique and top-quality design for you which presents your site impressively and high-class on the internet. This begins with the handmade design-draft via the production of the layout to the digital conversion. VayDesign adheres exactly to your provisions and creates an individual design whereby any wishes such as colour choice, style or layout will be implemented. Our biggest value regarding the design is that visitors are amazed just by the look of the design.


We offer you your desired design for every format and platform. This includes the creation of graphics for Facebook pages, advertising and a regular website.

Pixel perfect work

Handmade, pixel-precise and tailored work: You can rely on a design of your wishes, which is gradually designed with a huge passion for detail.


We take over your design wish and printing for flyers, business cards, posters, magazines, beverage cans and every other print media you can think of.

Print media The custom-made print media will be processed at Flyeralarm.de to print and sent it directly to you.


Your logo is not only the constant companion of your website: It also represents you on business cards, advertisements and other media for your unique recognition value. Trust the creativity of VayDesign in designing your modern, timeless and unique logo.

Logo draft NiceTo

Example: NiceTo


After numerous logo drafts, NiceTo opted for this simple but still so brilliant selection: Because of the letter "N" (for the word "nice") and the word "to" (two = 2) we had the creative idea to mirror and turn the number 2 around to match it to the form of the "N" letter.


Good coding is always behind a good website. You can count on superb programming that meets all modern standards: The website functions are intuitive, it runs efficiently and the visitors reach their goal with just a few clicks.

check_circleEasy administration

With our individual Content Management System (CMS) it is possible to edit each page quickly and easily - on mobile and desktop. Access rights for several persons can also be determined.

check_circleIntegration of social media functions

We offer you the a Facebook connection button to allow your visitors to log in with just one click on your website. You can also include other social media platforms.

Social Media Buttons

check_circleEasy user management

Our user management allows that every information can be applied to ease the usability of your website for your visitors. This includes messaging other users, commenting/rating a post and uploading images for example. Even completely new functions can be realised according to your wishes.

check_circleAlways and everywhere

The so-called "Responsive WebDesign" provides the function that your app or website will be optimized for every device (PC, tablet or smartphone) in excellent quality.

Responsive WebDesign

check_circleEverything is realizable and possible

Do you have precise ideas? Whichever function you want: We can and we will realize it exactly as you imagine it. That's how your app or website will stand out with your innovative ideas and functions which other websites don't have.


The right marketing of your website is important to discover it's value. Therefore we offer you an excellent service to optimize your website for search engines, to announce it in social media and to make it accessible to the public quickly.

check_circlePublishing in social media

Your website will be presented with our promotion package at Facebook, Twitter and other social media. We are designing and planning it in a way that your target audience will find and be aware of you quickly.

check_circleDevelopment of catchy advertising

We leave an impressions on the viewer which are engraving and will remain in their heads through appealing advertisements, psychologically-considered element positioning and appealing colours.

check_circleEverything for your target audience

Our target-oriented advertising methods allows us to reach the perfect audience that will love your content.

check_circleSearch engine optimization (SEO)

We optimize your website to reach the goal that your app or website will be listed higher in search results. Therefore you will be found faster and gain popularity. We deal with your website in every detail (titles, keywords, semantics, etc.) to accomplish this.


Would you like to contact VayDesign? Please send an email to info@vaydesign.com or use one of our social media channels to get in touch with us. We will contact you as soon as possible to address your request.

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